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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Red Bull Monkey Run 2012

Red Bull Monkey Run Student Edition has swung to Singapore!

Wondering what is all this about? It's a no-brainer that their main sponsor is none other than Red Bull. But what's Monkey Run Student Edition? It's an obstacle course sponsored by Red Bull and their main aim to get students above 18 to take part in this obstacle challenge.

Oh yes,it is held in NUS from the 15-16 March 2012 and one more day in Singapore Polytechnic on 28 March 2012. Between 10am-5pm on those 3 days,students are welcomed to join in the fun!

Challenge yourself to see how fast you can go through the obstacle course. If you score <12 seconds,you get a t-shirt. Anywhere between 13-25 seconds,you get a photo frame. On top of that,the top 10 men and top 10 women with the lowest timing will represent Singapore and get a fully sponsored trip of air flight + accomodation to the final challenge (July) in Penang!
Wait a minute,that's not all. The top man and woman for each day in NUS and SP will win the cash prize of S$200! It's like wow,not only you might get selected as one of the top 10 men/women with the sponsored trip,you also stand a chance of winning S$200!!! The prizes are attractive!

The first contestant who signed up:
K. This cute guy with silver-rimmed spectacles bought 3 at one shot,1 can for each of his friends. Good luck dude!

One of the staff briefing him where to go,what to do. Dos and donts. He wasn't wearing shoes but slippers (wah,uni so slack one?). Just nice one of the staff there had the same shoes size as him and lent it to him.

Here's how it looked like:
Looks easy,but it's actually quite difficult. Especially the first stage,le rollers!

So is the last stage:
Fruit basket!
You need to climb in and out of it,then reach out and ring the bell to mark the end of the obstacle.
He's quite creative,I must say. On the first time,he stepped across the rollers,which he wasn't allowed to do that. So on the second time,he didn't. But he grabbed the pole above the fruit basket(meaning he didn't even go into the fruit basket) and finished the challenge. Not allowed either!

Subsequently,more and more people joined in. So sorry but I had to say this,some of the contestants were really funny. They jump and in most cases,slipped in between the rollers and landed head first on the air cushion beneath the obstacle course. They were mostly girls anyway. The lowest score for Thursday itself,from what I heard,is 13.9 seconds.

Try to score somewhere around that score and you will probably be one of 20 contestants to Penang!

This isn't over yet,head down to Singapore Polytechnic on the 28th of March 2012! I might be going too. With such attractive prizes,I would definitely give it a try. For a trip to Penang and to challenge myself!
Top 10 Male finalists from NUS

Top 10 Female finalists from NUS

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