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Monday, March 05, 2012

Dinner at Timbre

I haven't been to Timbre before and wasn't really hyped up about going there. I heard that there are live band playing and there's 3 locations in Singapore where you can head to. And well,the cousins* decided to head over to the one at Cityhall.
Here at Timbre!
But I must say,there are a lot of mozzies. Maybe we were sitting at the wrong place,but I keep getting bitten! :( *smack! smack!* It's near the big tree that's near the stage. A bit loud,not really the ideal place for talking but okay to drink and laugh and talk loudly I suppose.

Andy,Josh,Jia Qi
Jing Long,Me,Joyce

Close-up of a pizza.
A whole pizza cost about $19++. But you can have a choice of two,half of this and half of that,additional cost of $3 if I remember correctly. Not bad,if you wanna try different flavour.

It looked pretty big,but quite thin too. So for some,it may be just nice for the stomach. But for some,it may not be enough. It's all up to individual! This is too much for me,I got full after finishing half of it.

Quite windy though,or maybe it's the fan. Ate and catch-up with one another,before we head to Jing Long's place for mahjong. Hong Kong style! Quite fun,can win and lose a lot. Hehe!

Picture credits to ANdyStorm

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