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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

$1 of accountability and $100 worth of judgement

Good evening darlings!

How's midweek for you so far? I was running some errands this morning. You know,those miscellaneous annoying little things that needs to be done. Did some grocery shopping,choose fruits and mince meat like typical aunties at the NTUC.

$100 worth of impression
Then I went over to the bank and queueing behind me was this guy who looked like a beggar. No,I'm serious. Don't mean to be judgemental but he REALLY looked like one and you'd wonder what's he doing here. Big belly,oil/dirt-stained shirt and uncle-slippers,shuffling along the queue. I watched him while the teller was getting some documents for me. He tooked out his bank book from a dirty looking bag (like what those preschoolers used)
Then he looked at me. Start touching his pockets all over to find his money to bank in. Then aha! He took out from his side pocket... I was expecting to see a big bag of coins but no,he took out $100 notes. LOL! Not bad. You don't often see $100 around as much as $50. This guy is... #likeaboss man! I totally went O.O

$1 worth of accountability
And next,at Macdonald's. The manager made me so pissed.

I ordered McSpicy take-away,without lettuce add cheese(my standard special order. SUPER YUMMY!) The girl made a mistake and thought I ordered a DOUBLE McSpicy. Puzzled but I paid already,so I asked the manager to double confirm. He realised that I only wanted a single and got it changed for me. But here's the annoying part:
Instead of doing a proper refund or taking out his calculator to do a proper calculation of how much to repay me,he simply looked up and appeared to think for 2seconds,look down at the cashier and took $1 out to return me. Doing some quick mental calculation:

$10 - $7.80 = $2.20
But if it's wrong,it should be $10 - $ 6 = $4.
Since he only gave me back $1, it would be $10 - $7.80 + $1 = $3.20.
$4 - $3.20 = Where's my $0.80 dude?

It's no longer about the money,but his attitude in dealing with customers. Just wanna quickly get over with this customer and done with. Excuse me,we're talking about money here and each cent more or less is important for the restaurant okay. This works for every business lor.


Still enjoyed eating my McSpicy without lettuce + cheese!

So there,all these happened within one hour at the interchange. How interesting,and infuriating at the same time.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

thats veri irresponsible of that manager