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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Studio Cocktail Bar

Hello Darlings!

How has 2012 treated you so far? Good,I hope. Just a couple weeks back,Smith invited June and I to The Studio Cocktail Bar for their official launch. Just located along the stretch down Bugis,it makes super convenient for June and I to meet up and take 5 minute walk over.

At The Studio,the ambiance was homely,cosy and intimate. Definitely not your usual bar which blares pop songs,jazz or sells itself as a KTV lounge. Soothed by serene songs playing in the background,look out for the cute bartender named Sam to whip up The Studio's signature drinks to perk you up!
The look when you step into the bar.
View from the bar top,sitting area. People are getting warmed up for the event!
Chiobu Clara looking at Sam, the bartender working on the signature drinks.
Smith korkor,our emcee for the night! Sam and Kiyoshi,our bartenders.
Here comes the most exciting part of this event:
Doing your drinks!
I was very excited to try bartending. Not exactly stand there and mix drinks for others but do my very own drink. Given a small recipe for a cocktail,I tried this mix with vodka.

Told to squeeze lemon juice into the concoction... Just a teeny weeny bit,not too much......
Opps! The cocktail was very strong,someone said that it's like 80% alcohol! It's a recipe which I will not be sharing here online but for you to go down and try it for yourself.

You can request to blend your own drink too! Some people like it strong,some like it mild. Some like more of this,some like more of that. In any case,it's your call!

The ladyboss of this bar. YES! A lady!
She is the lady standing on the right,wearing spectacles. Everyone told her that it is impossible for her,but she managed to set it up. At the age of 21! My goodness,how many of you own your very own business at the young age of 21?

Sam. The cute bartender!

The Studio is located at :
778 North Bridge road
Singapore 198746
For more information,check out their facebook here!
Opening hours:
Mon - Thu: 18:00 - 00:00
Fri: 18:00 - 01:00
Sat: 18:00 - 02:00

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