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Monday, January 30, 2012

A gift for myself on Renri (人日)



Yesterday was 人日,did you all have a good time lo hei-ing? Because I myself did enjoy! Not only that,I bought a ring for myself!

It's from Poh Heng. Much as I place importance on exclusivity,there's no denial that Poh Heng has got nicer designs than other jewellery shops. Hees,I had been aiming to get this ring for a very long time. Since 7th day of zhengyue is an auspicious day to buy gold,I decided to get it!

At the date of 29th January 2012
Price of Pure Gold (999): $84.50
Price of 916: $78.00

I hate 916 gold,I only like pure gold(999). So yupe,this is pure gold 99.9. The lustre is more attractive than 916's,in my opinion. A lot of people commented that pure gold is too soft and it changes shape too easily,due to its malleability. But it's okay,I really like it. And I don't go banging my fingers around table edges or so. Ha!

The best and only the best? I think so!

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