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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chinese New Year in Singapore

Hello Darlings!

I remembered that last time,one of my Malaysian friends lamented how Chinese don't wear their traditional costume anymore during Chinese New Year,while Malays and Indians are still wearing that Baju Kurung and Sarees during their festive season. So there and then,I made up my mind:


Partial inspiration also came from 'A Song to Remember'. Watching it every night,I noted how elegant the actresses had brought cheongsam out to be.

Another part of the elegance comes from the make up and hairdo too! Red lipstick and classic curls. Red lipstick is already quite difficult for me to pull off,much less the curls! So perhaps,I would do a red stick and just comb back my hair?

Unsure of how the response would turn out,I decided to post a status in Facebook to see what the people would say. Asking for 50 likes,it went beyond,up to 58 likes.

Hokays..... So 58 people would like to see me wearing a cheongsam this Chinese New Year. Sounds good! The image that I posted and hoping to look for would look something like this:
No red lipstick,but a very classic hairdo. Sequins and laces,deep red and silk material,I assume. The overall feel is just,argh,traditional and elegant at the same time!

I wanted a long one,maybe with short sleeves? Deep red too,with some sequins. So I went to check out several shops recommended by friends and those that I have found online. Each quotation just gets a little disappointing. I am really eager to wear one,but due to the material and customisation,they all said that it would cost about $100 to $200. Sad max,it means my cheongsam would most likely not be customized! My mom said that even if we were to go china,it may be cheaper. But still exceeds $100.

Nevertheless,I found a modern one online.

Hmmm.. How does this look? I hope it isn't too disappointing to what I had originally promised that I would carry out. What do you guys think?

I think that,one of the deterrent to wearing a cheongsam during festive seasons for Chinese is the price of customising a nice cheongsam. Nobody wants to wear unflattering clothings,especially during chinese new year. Everyone want to look their best! A cheongsam is suppose to bring out a girl's curves,elegance. But Chinatown often sells ready-made,unflattering and straight cut ones. So yupe,that's one factor. So where do they look? Modern clothings. Losing this bit of tradition and not wear traditional clothings doesn't matter to the younger generation,what's more important is that the angpaos mustn't stop coming!

Even Emma Watson wore a cheongsam

Anyway,I don't want to keep you all for too long but I would like you guys to take note of one important note: To my knowledge,many of us are Han Chinese,cheongsam actually comes from Manchu culture. When the Manchu people took over,the Han Chinese were forced to adopt the Manchu culture or face death penalty. So talk about Singaporean Chinese who truly wants to follow the Chinese tradition? You wouldn't be wearing a Cheongsam,you would be wearing this!

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