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Friday, December 02, 2011

Unboxing my very first Baby-G watch

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Hello darlings!

If you have been following my twitter for quite awhile,you would have realise that I went for a simple Baby-G photoshoot with the girls at SPH. We were there to collect our watches and damn,all of us are DAMN EXCITED!

Many Baby-G watches for us to select and wear during the photoshoot!

And this is MY Baby-G!
Couldn't help but keep saying how chio (pretty) it looked. Or maybe because it's white? In any case. I LOVE IT!

One of the pictures from the photoshoot. I like the watch that I'm wearing in this shot too,elegant and pink face. So feminine! What are you doing right now? Go ahead,check out the designs and grab a Baby-G in store today!

Pssst. Next post on my chio Baby-G would be bringing it out for some real sport. TENNIS! Stay tuned!

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