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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Baby-G watch goes for a game of TENNIS!

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As promised in the previous post,I am bringing my BabyG for a game of tennis.

What,can't a girl like me work out? I don't love sports,but I enjoy playing something that I'm interested in! Used to be to my primary school team and went for competitions between different schools,I stopped playing when I reached secondary school though. Now over the holidays,I finally had the chance to play again! It's been quite awhile.

There,my white BabyG.
Being shock resistant and a non-leather strap,it's good enough to sustain the swing and sweat from the game!
Wearing it for my game.

Unable to get any proper shots of me wearing it cause all of them turned out blurry. Glad to own a BabyG cause it can match my dressing style and participate in all the activities that I do. Without much a risk of spoiling it! Gees,I didn't do any warm-up before the game and the next day,I suffer from aching arms and legs! Bleah! Nevertheless,a good workout and a good game with my Boy!

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