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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Indulging in good food!


All the good food that I'm indulging in is making me grow fat! I'm putting on more weight than I can afford,or faster than I can even say STOP. Hohoho! I am celebrating my and my partner's end of exams. So just this once,yes? On Friday night,we went for Prego at Fairmont. Italian cuisine is his loveeeeeeee.


Service sucks by the way,think you wouldn't enjoy the service and do go with a reservation. They can be quite crowded with the dinner crowd.
We were there with a reservation. Though there was no one in the queue,we waited for the waitress to come back so that we can notify her that we have a reservation. Then,a freaking ah tiong couple who's sloppily dressed,cut our queue and walked straight in! What's worse was a waiter took notice of them,looked around for empty tables and immediately led them to their seats without even looking at the queue. What the freak? So effing ridiculous. And the waitress came back,couldn't understand that we had a reservation and had to keep repeating ourselves until I pointed at the reservation list. Zzz. Bad start.

Went for the set mea ($55++) or something,which consisted of 4 courses. This was the complimentary bread given with cheese,not very nice so I didn't finish it.
I think it's herbs or something. Nahhhhhhh.

First course was Mushroom soup,which was quite delicious but there's no photo of it. I took a pic of the second course:
Tomato-base pasta.
Boyfie was saying that the cherry tomatoes was actually quite nice and sweet. Not for me,I'm a carnivore and am only eating the carbohydrates and the sauce. NO VEGGIES FOR ME! Didn't finish it cause the portion was a bit too big,later cannot finish the main course. :P

I always enjoy my dinner with him cause we talk about a lot of stuff. And I can be quite nonsensical at times. So this once,we were talking about something which he then got pissed off and told me to talk to the flower. HAHAHA! Awww,ladies,it might not be a good idea to have flower decorations on the table in case your boyfriend tells you to talk to the flower instead. Funny shit! Hi flower!

Here's my 3rd course,the main course. Free-range chicken with potato and don't know what vegtable. Not bad,I love this cause the meat is very tender. That is,until you hit the breast meat. The potato was normal,fry in oil and sauces. Not too bad. This with white wine,PERFECT-O!

Last of all,it's tiramisu. Nothing special,really. Even though it came highly recommended in most food reviews. Overall,it's always the company that saved the experience in restaurants whom can do better. in this case,it's the service that I didn't like.

Level 1, Fairmont Singapore (Swissotel Stamford)
Reservations: +65 6431 6156
Cityhall MRT Station

Hours Of Operation:
Breakfast: Daily - 6:00am - 11:00am
Deli: Daily - 6:00am to 10:30pm
Lunch: Monday to Saturday - 11:30am to 2:30pm
Pizzeria: Monday to Saturday - 11:30am to 12:30am
Dinner: Daily - 6:30pm to 10:30pm

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