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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Watch that denotes STYLE and PERSONALITY? No problem!


Which girl doesn't like to dress up? We all want to style that says me,me and ME. Watch is an accessory that's great to go with any style. Not only it's importance is to tell the TIME but also MATCH your style!

For me? Both are equally important. I need to know the time so that I can properly allocate the amount of time that should be spent on doing each task. Yet at the same time,I need something that is more than just a watch.

Take your pick. Tell me,what's YOUR favorite?

Round faces? Square faces? Black,blue,pink,red or white?
Here's my top 3 favorite:
I love everything white. It matches well with many colours and the style of this watch is loud enough,show me the young punk yo!
How about PINK?
I'm a girl,pinks shouts feminism! It's gonna go well with my pink outfit!
So macho and seductive. Don't ask me why it's seductive. But the style of this watch has a certain allure,macho aura surrounding it. Mmmm. YUMS! -slurps-

"Always heading out,I need something that's loud.
That matches my outfit and says ME!"

Look at my bare wrists (ignore that green tag please),I need something to accessorize with my outfit! So white watches? No prob,I love white. It definitely goes well with my style! Or how about pink watches? Gonna go well with my sweater too! How about black? Will SO match my pants and give that "Oof,I'M STRONG!" -pumps arm in the air- OH YEAH!


Anonymous said...


Desmond said...

White suits u :]

Anonymous said...

Go for white !