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Friday, October 07, 2011

Shall we play a game of chess?

As major exams are approaching,I as a student can understand how the rest of the students felt.
Angsty,insecured and so on.

So well,here's a piece of advise:
In life,we don't wholly use intelligence to prove our worth. No doubt that piece of paper is important,but that is only the initial stage of impressing our interviewers to meet us. The rest of our performance at work is then based on how we interact with our colleagues. Unles you're a boss or director at first shot,then I nothing to say lah! HA!

Intelligence =/= Winning

Knowing everything doesn't mean that you will win for sure. Being able to anticipate the next move is more important,or so I feel. For an example,chess board. You and the other chess player can see everything,isn't it? But does it mean you will win? No. Because you don't know what is your opponent thinking. So now you see why,knowing everything does not necessary mean that you will succeed or win.

So now,Opponent,shall we play a game of chess? =)

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