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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Frightfest Media Preview @ Singapore Flyer

Halloween's on its way to scare you!

And one of the few places to check out the spook is.....


Thanks to OMY.sg and Singapore Flyer,I was among the first few who had the honour to joining the preview of the Frightfest by Singapore Flyer that will be officially happening on the 28th,29th and 30th of October 2011.

Along with others,most of us dressed up. They were so brilliant that I feel underdressed :(
Darren,the very muscular auntie.
Alvin and 2 ghouls,left and right.
The one on the left,the woman scares me A LOT! AND THAT DEAD BABY!
And I? I'm supposed to be Zoey from Left 4 Dead (L4D):

My sweater and gun.
Should have put on some fake blood too but it seems that not many people play the game much to recognise. I should have come as the white witch! Thought I might be overdress if I come in that but apparently NOT SO. Oh wells,till next year!

After registration at the lounge,we proceeded up to the flyer. I never get tired of seeing the view, its my country yo!
After the ride,we proceeded to check out the garden at Singapore Flyer. The Singapore Flyer has transformed the garden directly under the flyer into a dark spooky places with ghouls waiting to jump out on you! Just like western has their vampires and werewolves,the Singapore Flyer has Asian themes such 'The Lady in Red', 'Ju-on' and people wailing & burning joss sticks...

Talisman written in english???
Offerings placed everywhere,hell notes all over the place.
Wait,what? A laughing chinese campire? Now,that's a bit unusual. HAHA!

I wonder if they actually bought this real coffin. But this is how realistic everything is in there. Wailing woman offering you joss sticks...
Lady in red.

Go check it out,because everything was very well-done and realistic! Down right to the lighting (spooky red and green lights here and there,somewhere),real joss sticks and hell notes thrown all over the place. PERFECT SPOOK I SAY!

We were afterwards treated to a special non-alcoholic Halloween Brew.
The whole experience was AWESOME and SPOOKY!

So what are you waiting for?
Go get your ticket at the Singapore Flyer website now!

All photos credits to Conan

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