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Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm in Cleo's October Issue!

"Size 6. I'm confident about my body. Whether it's my shapely lefs or perky butt, I like every part of it!" - Tee Ying Zi, Student

I'm in Cleo's October 2011 issue!

Have you seen it?
Under the Body Beautiful,I'm one of the 15 girls who went for the photoshoot back then at the start of August. There,remember I had a post about Lucky Egg? That's the day,and I'm glad that the photoshoot went pretty well!

There was a make up artist and hair stylist with several other girls around who were there for the shoot. Everyone's so fun-loving and nice! I must say,the girls who came in were really really confident! Regardless of their body size,they all have a very confident smile on face and posed confidently for the camera. The one and only word that can summarise what I see in them:


I'm really proud of them! Just as I am happy and confident about my own body too.
So there you go,go grab a copy :)

Till then

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