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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Celebration of close friends' birthday

I had fun last saturday celebrating my close friends' birthday.

We went to catch "Bad Teacher" movie at Plaza Singapura,acted mainly by:
Yeap,Cameron Diaz,Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel. It's a M18 movie,quite sick and hilarious at the same time. It however totally changed my point of view about Justin Timberlake and makes me feel sick about him. Wanna know why? Go watch. I will only rate this movie as 2.5-3 against 5 stars.

I love my outfit for the day,friend picked it for me as a gift. Good taste in fashion.
Dress: Secret,haha!
Bag: Zara
Belt: Topshop
Necklace: Haji Lane
Shoes: London

Took a train down to Orchard ION and slowly shop our way down to Cineleisure. That day was also the day of Swarovski's Hello Kitty Launch in Singapore! Have you guys seen them? It's all so sweet and cute! I'm in love with them,but nothing that's so fantastic that I will actually go and buy them. The pen maybe,I can use it in school.

Secretly sneaking off to The Coffee Bean while Chu Xuan and Cheryl are shopping at Forever21. Marcus and I made birthday cards for them,this is marcus looking so focused!

Fetching Si Hui off her work place,we then went to Marche for dinner. It was a long queue but surprisingly,we only waited for 15min before we got a seat. While queueing,we can't help but laughed at the jokes we made. Being classmates for several years,we didn't know that Marcus has a secret 'talent'! Hahaha!

Pizza. And the fillings that Cheryl & Si Hui don't eat.

My main course. And the food that I don't eat!

Chu Xuan & Cheryl,the 2 birthday girls.
Cheryl refused to show her face throughout the celebration,what a spoiler! 1 slice of cake,it's enough because we usually don't eat that much anyway. Thank god,Marche has got candles!

Si Hui,Marcus,Chu Xuan and I.
Cheryl helped us to take the photo,since she doesn't wanna be in the picture anyway.

Made birthday cards for all 3 of them,cause the last time we celebrated for Si Hui at USS,I didn't made her any. Circles,they aren't the conventional birthday cards that will be chucked aside.

A day of fun out here in town,a simple celebration that makes everyone happy.
Took a train back together with them and went off to meet someone else.

Enough said,can you see the altruistic happiness written all over the face?
A genuine happiness.

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