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Saturday, September 03, 2011

Advertorial: Sweet Cupcakes


Remember the sweet little cupcakes I was telling you in my previous 2 entries? Well,here are the cupcakes that my friends and I have been sampling! These are baked by Lace Zhang. Yes,her name is Lace. Isn't it sweet? So therefore,her very own brand's name is also followed by her name,Lace.

Baked by Lace

About Baked by Lace Cupcakes:
"The cupcakes are meant to be consumed at room temperature (butter hardens in the fridge..) and will hold up in our SG weather for 2-3 days without spoiling. They won't melt too! =) Basically, I spent the entire of my first year in university experimenting with baking (always had an interest in food!) and I would bake up batch after batch of cupcakes (and secretly throw away the failed ones at night!) until I perfected it. Cause I've eaten many dry/subpar ones outside. A cupcake has to be light, fluffy, moist (not gummy!) and to do so, there has to be the perfect ratio of leavening agents. Too much, the cake will leave a bad aftertaste and too little, there won't be any rise (and hence, tenderness).

The true test of a good cake batter is the texture of the cake after it's cooled down from the oven. Many cakes can taste softer warmed, which is why many places outside re-heat their cakes for awhile before serving it! I also use only premium ingredients for the flavours to shine through and everything is hand made- from lemon curds to caramels etc. I use only fresh fruit purees, valrhona cocoa, philadelphia cream cheese, and real vanilla beans!"

She has baked us some of her specialties as well as popular demands by the public:
Several of the same,those were quite popular.

Classic Vanilla Bean
My thoughts: Crumbly,airy and sweet

Chocolate and Milo Cupcake
My thoughts: Sticky cream,chewy with milo powder.

Red Velvet
My thoughts: Best among the rest,firmer texture,sweet with cream.

Her cupcakes were baked using top-notch ingredients. And right from scratch. When she says chocolate,she literally melt the chocolate. Not some pre-made whipcream style which can be bought from the supermarket. Lace's popular flavours are:
Red Velvet, Salted caramel, peanut butter chocolate, nutella, devil's food, cookies n cream, Espresso, Baileys
It costs $3 per cupcake and orders can be made with a minimum of 15 cupcakes. she does conduct bake sales regularly with a collection point near her school at Raffles City (typically, once-twice a week). During these bake sales, there are no minimum orders & she will announce the details/flavours available on the facebook page.

Well,for more information,check out her facebook page:
Baked by Lace


Lace said...

Thanks Yingzi!! just saw this =)

Cat(Herine) said...

i quite like the salty charamel cupcakes! it's gd ;-D