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Monday, August 15, 2011

What seemed difficult may actually be easier than you think.

The best person to talk to when you are feeling down are probably your friends,
friends who can understand you. It is probably time to publish this post too. As one of my major exams just ended (1 more major trial exams before we reach the finale),I did quite badly. Really.

This isn't funny anymore,not that its even funny to begin with.

As back then,I remember having this conversation with John about how bad my results were. Definitely one would feel demoralised. Though I must say,these exams that I had taken,I didn't gave my 100% effort,it's still quite demoralising to see myself failing. I failed to see the other side of the picture. But surprisingly not (as he always does see things from all different pov),he did.
Well,it felt much better though. I must admit,that's quite true. 50% more may be seem quite a lot,but its easier to see that improvement and hunt down the marks than those who's got like 15%. Not sure if you guys even know what I mean but,whatever.

I hope you guys who didn't do well in whatever you are doing,will feel much better about yourself. Cause the same logic applies. Once you put in the effort,the results of your improvement is much greater than those that's already been up there all along.

I feel much much more motivated to strive harder for the next major exams that's coming next week

Till then,people.

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