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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jia Qi's Mickey Mouse themed 21st Birthday Party!

I haven't been updating this space for a very long time due to my busy schedule. Major exams coming up,gotta study really hard to prove myself you know. But once in a long while,I shouldn't stop myself from having fun,should I?

I was very much looking forward to one of The Cousins* birthday...

Knowing she is an avid fan of Mickey & Minnie Mouse,she had put in a lot of effort to prepare her birthday party! The theme was mickey and minnie mouse,so we were suppose to dress up too.
Uber huge mickey mouse balloon greeted us when we entered the room.

I was very surprise at the extra mile she went just to make sure everyone enjoys themself at her party. LOOK AT THE FOOD AND SOFT DRINKS!
Yes,balloons that everyone helped to blew up too! Everything was painstakingly done up,printing of the our names on mickey mouse cards and labels. Every single thing made from scratch. So much effort put in,isn't it?

A photo with Jia Qi dear,she made this photoframe too!

While waiting for everyone to arrive,we all played Cluedo. Oh,you have no idea. We all were scribbling like hell and making clues to guess the murderer. Yes,if you are smart,you can guess who is holding onto what cards and finally guess the murderer. Smart,LIKE ME!
Cause I won once,or twice? I can't remember. HAHAHAHA!

Here's Ah Mel:
Know why is his expression like that? Cause he kena squeeze into the toilet to eat! LOL,even the toilet is very nice. Checkered tiles but the door's erm,kinda see through. It will sometimes slide itself open too,so you gotta actually someone to guard the door for you. Otherwise....

Here are The Cousins*! Weijie has yet to arrive...

Looking at all our act cute happy faces,I feel so blissful to have known them! A couple of years already,but counting on!

Finally,everyone has arrive. It was a very very very big crowd,
I think this is the best photo that I can find and has got everyone inside. Jia Qi was standing beside the camera man,which is our Ah Long taking this photo. Erm,yes. My face. Someone cheekily popped the party poppers before the given cue.

The birthday cake was very very sweet! Look at the design!

And cupcakes too. It is OMFG damn damn damn sweet and cute!
Well,birthday girl's gotta cut the cake now:

After everyone has given their gifts to Jia Qi,some went home while some stayed behind to chat. And balloon fight occurred...
Pre-balloon fight pose

LOL! Andy seem to look very happy! And well,I never really like balloons. Can say I'm pretty terrified of them in fact. I soon got off the bed while they continued the balloon fight.

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I give up,must get out of the scene quickly.
And as the fight continues...
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Everyone keep attacking Joyce! Poor Joyce,she got tired after awhile and just sat there letting the rest hit. Josh was in white overalls,earning the title Pappy man. LOL!

Nevertheless,a fun-filled night. I doze off to sleep at dawn,woke up several times to find the rest still up doing different things. I think one of those times,they talking about ghost stories. Like Genting,then someone was going "Yalor yalor! I heard that one level is totally isolated blah blah blah." HA! Seriously,it was a really fun party.

Checked out in the morning and headed to Mcdonald's for breakfast before going home.
I love The Cousins*,and happy birthday Jia Qi! :D

Gif images credits to Jiaqi.
All images taken by our hardworking photographer,Jing Long!

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