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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I wanna be the N.Emation Ambassador!

Let ME be the N.E.mation Ambassador!

Let my enthusiasm and optimism be the team's constant dose to orchestrate their creativity,imagination into real-life projections!

Why oh why?
You see,this competition is about these participating teams. It's not about me,it's about them and their passion for animation,ideas of total defence. What I am there for,is to encourage them and give them ideas/tips when they got stuck. In my idea of being the N.E.mation ambassador,I'm going to be there to help them. Like a host to a competion! Not that I'm the judge of course,but something more like a middle man sort of thing.

Can you believe it?
This boy on the moon fishing is probably the one of the many wonders a child could ever imagine.
Where is this place? It's so beautiful. Can I go to the moon as well?

Well,this is animation! Let all your dreams come true,your imagination come to life. With your creativity put injected into animation,it's going to be a beautiful piece of art!

The prizes are so attractive too. All you have to do is to let your creativity come to life,express your ideas of Total Defence through animation and let ME be here to guide you! This year's theme - NS: From Father to Son. It's not simple,but it isn't too hard either! I'm very much looking forward to become the N.E.mation Ambassador and be part of the process!

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