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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Why I always look forward to weekends

Weekends are a plentiful of joy to everyone,unless you are a no-lifer by choice.

I haven't been blogging about The Cousins* for quite some time,but that doesn't mean that we haven't been hanging out! I always don't bring that bulky DSLR out,so I'm relying very much on the rest who's got semi-pros or compact cameras to take the photos! This time round,the photos are brought to you by Andy and Joyce.

Last weekend,we did our own things in the afternoon. Some went for shopping,or movies while I met up with YongWei and Calvin to collect somethings. Yongwei actually walked away with a $500 dining voucher at Centrepoint,wowzers! I'm proud of you,Yongwei. Now,I'm waiting for your phone call to give me the treat as well! =P

Finally,we all met up at Astons for dinner.
Which never fail to have a whole big crowd queuing outside! But it was never bored waiting for our turn. Because the Cousins* will never run out of things to talk about! After being seated,we proceeded to order. And here's Joyce and Jing Long:

The caption pretty much explains everything. Opps!

Jiaqi and Joyce
And well,again,the caption pretty much explains what I just did in the picture. LOL! -cheeky grin-
Dory fish with mash potato and rice. I always end up falling back to eating what I'm familiar with. Mad insane,I tell you. Just about 1.5 hour before I ate this,I had late lunch of Ibi Udon and a big plate of Sashimi at Nihon Mura! Call me a girl with the scary appetite... By the way,I'm considered as severely underweight in my report book. Suck it up,bitch!

Andy bought this Tumbler and his Strawberries & Cream drink. It's a tall,comes free when you bought the $15.90 tumbler! I was VERY tempted to buy it as well because you can actually customize the tumbler! I think it would be very sweet to put your bf/gf's picture inside and drink from the tumbler Kinda give you the motivation to study,or whatever you are doing!

Jiaqi and Jinglong went back,while Andy,Joyce and I made an impromptu decision catch a midnight movie. It was fantastic,I LOVE midnight movies!
Sitting at Plaza Sing's Starbucks,the cinemas in town for 'Hangover II' was full house! We finally were able to book 3 seats at Suntec.
Walked all the way to Suntec,with a long long kinda.. Heart-2-heart talk. How interesting,like I say,we never run out of things to talk about ;)
The movie was DAMN funny,I kept laughing throughout. Some epic scenes and epiphany making the leads gawk were the funny moments!
Finally home at 2am,bathed and slept at 3am.

And the weekend ended just like that. I'm looking forward to this weekend. I wonder if we would meet. Even if we didn't,there's always the next to come!

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