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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sponsored Advertorial: Ginvera Products

Sponsored Advertorial

Ginvera Green Tea BB Cream

Ginvera BB Cream boasts a goodness of providing a SFP 30/PA ++ coverage to protect skin against UV rays. That's important for ladies who loves to go out under the sun yet afraid of the UV rays. What more,this BB cream gives a natural-matt looking coverage that is suitable for all-skin types!
Texture of this BB cream provides a natural look,evening out the skin tone. To my delight,there's a sweet scent of green tea wafting out of the bb cream!

Let's give it a try and see how it looks:
Application is with fingers and after daily skincare. -pouts-
Before -After picture
Before - Pale,morning look! Uneven skin tone,black spots here and there. Dark eye circles.
After - Even out the skin tone,dark eye circles less obvious. Matt-looking skin surface,more lively look.

I think this BB cream is pretty good for lazy people like me,there's no need for what sun block or face powder afterwards. It already gives a natural look,so just apply and out we go!

Next up - Ginvera's Aqua Whitening Cream
Which girl doesn't like her face to be fair? Ginvera Whitening Cream is here,with oil control! How exciting,a whitening cream with oil control. I feel that this acts like a moisturiser for me. Splat them on in the morning and by noon,the results of the oil control is showing! The texture is smooth and gives lightens up your face a bit after application. Daily use for the best results!

Believe it or not,here's a chance for you guys to try out the samples as well! Just head over to facebook and click on this link.

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