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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Singapore Social Media Day 2011

Singapore Social Media Day
Spotted me above?

I was down at Scape with The Cousins* at Scape. While Andy and I are the 2 of the 4 bloggers in the Creative Sandwich Making contest,Jing Long and Joyce were helpers at the event. It was very fun interacting with the public and I met so many familiar faces there. Everyone had shown their support for this event!

As mentioned in the previous post,this was a blogger-initiated event which was presented by HTC Singapore and supported by omy.sg, Singapore’s leading news and entertainment web portal by Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (SPH).

The event was held at Scape building 1st level.

Me and Joyce

Me,Andy,Jia Qi,Gisiang,Jing Long and Joyce
(left to right)
Us taking a photo at the SG SMD's wall,facebook-themed! We all signed on the wall and left our wishes on it.

Darren and chiobu helping out at the counter


Blogshop owners there setting up booths,a good cost for a good cause!

Live performances
They provided a stage for everyone who would like to perform. All the singers there were so good! I'm so envious of them. I thought of performing too,but I can't sing and haven't been practising on my guzheng long enough to do a performance.

Next up,the Creative Sandwich-making Contest!
I think 4 is a good size,the public were invited to participate and its only open to 4 slots. I was paired up with this guy called Arthur (which later then I knew,he was the blog shop owner of the soft toys you see above!)

Limited ingredients but thank goodness,we were allowed to exchange with others!
I gotten the one with luncheon meat,cheese and tomato sauce.

Andy and his contestant Ara did Angry bird! So cute! Sound so weird but I like the eye brows. Hee!

Ai xing zao can! Lovingly-made breakfast by Ruiting and her contestant!

Ooh,this is cute too. Made by Hazel and her contestant,it's spongebob squarepants!

Last but not least,this is made by Arthur and myself.
I had no idea what to do and was getting a little worried when Arthur says he's got no idea either! He did mention about using the sauce to make the "So Me!" wordings in relations to the Singapore Social Media Day. Staring at the luncheon meat,tadah! I thought of carving out the twitter bird logo! The biggest credit goes to Arthur,he made the branches and leaves look so nice while I carved the bird and put cucumber slices on it to make it look like a bird.

3 judges writing the scores down.

At the risk of sounding buay paiseh,the winner is me and my contestant!

Arthur and I.
Don't you think he looks a bit like Kenny Sia? HAHAHA! And it's so nice of him,at the end of the contest he gave me a small domokun and red angry bird as a gift! Of course,there's prizes to be won after the contest and it goes to him. Hmmm.. I wonder what is it.

At level 5,there are 4 games station to be played.
Memory games,social media platform to be used and goodie bags to be collected!

Me and Mint

Darren,Joyce and I
So cool! This picture was printed on the spot,laminated and given to each one of us!

Samantha,myself and Cherie
I'm so excited for Cherie! She is one of the top 10 finalists for Miss Singapore International 2011 and the results are revealing next Saturday! Good luck to you,Cherie! I'm rooting for you 101%!

Thanks to everyone here who helped to make this event possible!

This post is powered by ASUS laptop,you gotta have a nice laptop to get you online isn't it? Best if it's a one with high-speed performance! ;)

-Photos credits to Tan Geng Hui,Conan Seow and William Tan

1 comment:

Gene said...

Gosh! I missed the sandwich making because I was at a meeting. :(

So cute! Love all your designs! very creative!