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Friday, June 03, 2011

A series of unfortunate events

Okay,initially I didn't wanna blog about this but I figured out that I must be fucking suay to have the series of unfortunate event that followed soon after.

First of all,at the start of June,I had my practical exam for cooking. I was getting started and opening the metal can. Then I pulled it too quick,too fast,that I accidentally cut my finger. More like sliced,hohoho. Not funny,I had a shock at the amount of blood that was flowing out.

Okay,told me teacher and she wanted to give me a plaster. Then she saw the amount of blood that was flowing out. Yeap,didn't stop bleeding. Then there ice and pressure on the fucking wound to try and stop the bleeding. Then I felt faint,couldn't see a single shit and puked. Could hear everyone around me but I can't see shit! Only darkness. I can hear everyone around me and them telling Wynn to carry me into the room,which she did. Thank you so much for that. Zijun was then telling me on twitter that my face look damn white,like A4 paper. LOL,I can't imagine.

Anyway,got my tetanus jab which I was so reluctant to take. The doctor at the neighbourhood clinic said its just a small cut and my body merely went through shock. Hence the reaction. Damn her,I hate it when doctors misdiagnose my condition. I look at my wound and knew that it as like a bloody hole there. She said it didn't need stitching,only bandaged it up.

The next day.
I was going out of the house and my dog tried to bit my finger. Being irritated,I rush into the house to spank him. And here's when I went too fast,missed my footing and banged my jaw against the table corner. OUCH!

When I got out from the house and went downstairs,I realised that my wound was bleeding again. And it's soaking through the bandage!
Waited to see my neighbourhood doctor,who said that its a gaping wound and that I should go to the hospital for stitching. Because it occured more than 24 hours ago,he was afraid that I might get infection. Great,Singapore General Hospital,here I come.

Paid another whooping $90 for the whole consultation and procedure to be done.
Cried like a baby the moment the doctor injected painkillers onto my tiny little finger. No,seriously. I wailed so loud that my friend who was waiting outside,said that everyone outside looked shock and looked at the procedure doors. Gosh.. Embarressing.

My stitches looked something like that. About half the length of this.

The injury I had on my body now is a bandaged right little finger. Which the doctor gave me an MC for 8 days. COOL. And bruising around the area of my injection,left arm. And bruising on my left jaw. Thank god it didn't swell.


dblchin (double chin) said...

Omg!!!! That is so scary!!! Tk care!

Tee Ying Zi said...

Thanks Clara,I will de. I'm damn accident prone these days =s