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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A perfect postcard-like scenery in Australia

Remember seeing all those postcards that your relatives or friends sent you from overseas? And knowing in your heart that they are all photoshopped,colour-enhanced sceneries? Well,so do I. Until I finally stepped into Wollongong.

Wollongong? Eeeee... So boring. Look at this,nothing interesting. Huh,okay lor. Just like that lor.

Wollongong was my second last stop in my entire 2 week trip in Australia. I bet most people haven't even heard of this place. Me neither,until I know a friend who's been staying there for many years. I used to ask him why did he chose such a remote area and not cities like Brisbane,Sydney or Melbourne. And he said that it's a beautiful place to stay in.

Are you ready to take a look?
Yes,right from my very own D90. They have got 2 light houses there. Amazingly,all the boats are pointing towards the opening to the sea. I can now imagine,it must be a bliss to stay there.

A closer look at the pretty little boats.

I'm very enthusiastic about coming here because I can finally see where my good friend's staying at and what's the rave about here. So I actually went to google and found Wollongong on twitter! Some nice people behind the screen has kindly answered my millions of questions about Wollongong. And they recommended me to check out the rock pool!
And here's the rock pool:
Oh yeahhhhh. The rock pools.
Pretty much for you to sit in there,in the sea water and bask in the sun without getting washed out into the ocean. There must be thousands of cute little barnacles on the rocks and other sea life creatures in there,like corals. Many things to observe and learn,something out of the classroom. Like a city-girl who's never been into the wilderness before (you know there's not much wilderness here in Singapore),I go Ooh-ing, Ahh-ing and 'LOOK LOOK!' at everything in the rock pool.

I did take pictures of them,except that I lost them.
Hmmm,very much a pity :(
Then they have this outdoor swimming pool as well. Kinda lame if you ask me,because they already have the rock pool. Who knows? Maybe some people like to sun bath but with clean water? -shrugs-

Walk a little further down to the beach:
2 white light houses in distance

It was a perfect weather to sunbathe. As I went during November,I believe it was Spring for them. Weather's still pretty cold with the wind but you can definitely get a sun burn if you stay out for too long.

The only picture of me in Wollongong. I lost the rest,now I'm really starting to feel sad :(

Tried to take an artistic shot but I guess the colours didn't turn out that nice.

Alright,here's on what to eat:
Hot Chilli Food House!
No,I'm not kidding you. Here's the link to their review of the restaurant. Arriving cold and hungry,the pizza tastes heavenly. Alternatively,you can sit by the beach and order seafood from this Seafood Cafe called LeVendi that's seated right next to Wollongong Beach.
Go for the Harbour Pack if you can. The price is about $30AUD if I'm not mistaken. Worthwhile and offers a variety of bite-size seafood like dory fish and squid.
Plenty of seagulls flying around the area waiting for food. You gotta keep an eye on them(your food!) or they will swop down and steal them!

Here's the night scenery I tried taking. Just as John had advised me to wear something thick to keep myself warm.

I tried my best!
A very very romantic place for couples to take a night stroll along the beach.

Very much,I enjoyed my few days stay there. Thanks to John for taking the time to show me around. No,it's not a shopping paradise either but there are malls to walk around. Have I mentioned that they actually have free shuttle buses around the town? As what John told me,if I remembered correctly,they did so in effort to encourage people take public transport than driving. A very good effort,I think. Even John says so too. Not many Singaporeans actually lived there,but there are a few.

Wollongong is a beautiful place more for people who would like to lead a comfortable and relax life. I can now understand why John wants to stay there and why,I would definitely be back to visit Wollongong!

Well,and be sure to check out my travelogue page on top to find out what other places I have been to!


Simon Seow said...

Wow, it's so beautiful. I wished OZ dollar is not that expensive so I can go visit T_T

Tee Ying Zi said...

Haha,indeed it's beautiful! Save up a bit to go there enjoy! ;)

FilterFunk said...

you probably wont know me as i am just blog surfing..

however, i am pleasantly surprised to see pictures of the city where i spent 3 years for my degree on your blog :)

Tee Ying Zi said...

Hi FilterFunk,
thanks for dropping by. I'm glad to hear that you spent 3 years in such a beautiful place. How long ago was it since you graduated from there? :)