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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Jump for joy

Jump for joy...

This is one of my photo shoot I did in the studio a couple weeks back. Yes yes,the hair look like a lion's mane and so on. But hey,at least I looked carefree,don't I? Unfortunately,I can only jump for joy and look carefree...


I can't help but worry about studies,about my party whether it's going to turn out well. And some other minor minor things that frustrate me everyday. There's no definite answers in life,all we can do is to wait and see if it's worth the wait.True?

Oh well,I have to try and stay positive. Happy. Optimistic. Don't I? Have faith,darlings,have faith.
In the mean time,well. Entertain you guys with one photo first. HAHA.


Desmond said...

Hallo Ying Zi, nice to meet u~
2day is ur school holiday, wat ur planning and where u want to go for 2day?
I think u noe who am I rite? haha^,^

Tee Ying Zi said...

Hello Desmond! Yupe,pleased to meet you too and yes,I do remember who you are. Not going anywhere today,I am staying home to study for exams

Desmond said...

When u exams...?Anyway, I know u can do it, so do not give yourself too much pressur ok^^
Ying Zi u is the best, "Gambateh Kudasai"
Honestly, I'm glad to meet you

Tee Ying Zi said...

I am having exams which will end on this friday,thanks for the encouragement! :D Glad to know you too,add me on fb !

Anonymous said...

Good luck Ying Zi! You look really carefree in the pic...(reminds me of those commercials-u know...) Hope to meet up with you soon after your exams if you are available. Till then

Bro Dave

Desmond said...

Haha... sorry, what your fb email?
I have not get it for the last time we meet, I will adding you asap when I got time to log in my FB...
2morr0w 1s y0ur ExAm, d0n w0rrY Ab0ut iT, I prayed for you Or3dy^^'''

Tee Ying Zi said...

Thanks Dave,see you soon! :)

Desmond,send me your full name or your email instead. I will add you ;) And thanks for yours wishes,tomorrow is the last day. I will work hard!

Desmond said...

sorry...i'm busy for this few day...
My fb acc is cze_1986@hotmail.com

And wat ur h/p num? When i have go SG can find u^^