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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Its you that I'm missing now

We are all entitled to our own thoughts.
And occasionally,I would just miss my ex. You know,don't love him anymore. But just miss him,you know. The times that we spent together. Spending our afternoon shopping,going around to eat good food. Or something as simple as cooking a bowl of instant ramen for each other.
Listening to music,appreciating them. Or a stormy night where we both snuggle in bed to watch movies on the television before turning in,for work or for school the next day.

Definitely,I don't miss the part about cleaning up his room.

They are fond memories,lovely times that make me reminisce.
But they are getting vague,they are fading away. I'm slowly forgetting them bit by bit,cause it's been a few years. Funny how we both sometimes look back and think that it's a pity. But still,it's never possible to go back to the way we were before.

Regardless of the past,I hope that you are happy with whatever that you are doing.
Don't worry,dearest Garfield. I may have forgotten most of the times we spent together,but I sure do remember one thing.


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