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Friday, May 06, 2011

A day out at Marina Barrage with the Cousins*!

10 months back,the cousins* were at Marina Barrage having a picnic.

10 months later,we are back here to have a picnic! It's so hard to gather everyone but nonetheless,most of us turned up. I'm happy enough!

Food! -screams- We usually ended up buying/bringing too much food that we had to throw them away after the picnic. Fruits were brought by Andy,he cut them the night before with the help of his friends. As you can see,the green apples had already oxidised! Sandwiches were lovingly made by Joyce and dearest Jia Qi brought her chocolate fondue. Don brought the picnic mats,otherwise we would be sitting on the grass. Omfg,look at the yellow cheese that Jing Long brought along! Everyone's loving it!

Just a random note,nearly all of us have polaroids. Of course,what you see here isn't a complete family yet. So yes,we all do get a fantastic deal when buying the films! It's obvious as to which one is mine! ;)

Andy,Joyce and Don flying the kites while the rest of us have a bit of lunch first. The weather is just so hot!
And windy. After flying the kites,we all played indian poker. Since there's so much food left anyway.

Get ready people,it's a game of bluff!
The loser's suppose to make for the next loser of the game!

Ash is the first to kena,hohoho! Eat up,Ash!

Mel's turn to eat.

And I can't believe I lost too! No wait,that's not the worst part. The worst part is,someone put a freaking tomato inside! OMFG. But I cheated,I gave it to Jia Qi instead. =x

Poor Andy.
There's a freaking tomato inside too,and he too hates it. Taking a long stare at it before he starts eating all the yucky stuffs inside. Way to go,Andy!

Here's Jing Long. He very very sian to eat that disgusting stuff that we mixed for him. Hee!
If you realise,we all actually kena! But I didn't manage to take down Don,Jia Qi and Joyce's shot of eating it.

The lovely cousins*!
Top row: Andy,myself,Jia Qi and Don
Bottom row: Joyce,Mel,Limei and Jing Long

Here's our best take of jump shot,I feel:

Did you realise? I'm sure by now you would have realise,we are all so colourful! Someone suggested for us to wear a different colour,like rainbow. Otherwise,you would never catch me wearing a green tshirt. White is my thing!

Limei,Mel,myself and Andy

Jia Qi and Mel making silly faces. Teehee!
Blowing up some bubbles.
Check out Joyce's one,she blew the biggest bubble among us! And we can't stop joking at how she blows the best among us all. :P

Testing out my photography skills! :P

Look at the amount of instax Joyce is holding!
We took a lot that day,to bring home beautiful memories.

Ah Long has got the biggest polaroid among us. His takes the biggest picture,bigger than the credit card sizes.

The evening crowd at Marina Barrage. I'm sure they are having fun too.

Heading home? No,heading out of Marina Barrage.

We head to Marina Square where the thirsty peeps went to get all their coke and coke light. And started playing Monopoly Deal,IN PAIRS! It's funny because we can see how each other pairs up and work together with each other.

Limei paired up with Jing Long. Jing Long would be the one guiding her along the game.

Joyce paired up with Andy. And all along,you can see them exchanging words secretively!
Whereas Don and Jia Qi are the scheming ones,they would take very long to decide which move they should do.

Me? I paired up with Mel. It was fun because we both have the same style. Impatient,no defence but attack all the time. Hahahahahaha!! We lost the game,but it was definitely fun!

It is a day of fun to remember :)


Ephemeral by Design said...

Looks like it was a fun day. I love your sunset pic of the Marina Bay Sands.

Tee Ying Zi said...

Thank you! :D There was a beautiful sunset that day so I took it.