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Friday, March 18, 2011

This is a show,about Light and Water

A long overdued post! This is about the waterfront show at Marina bay sands.

Ever been there to watch the show? I never knew that there's one,until Jing Long and Jia Qi brought me there. That was a month ago though. The effects were amazing,but the storyline is kinda lame though. It goes with: "This is a story... About light and water..." Then I thought it's going to be some amazing storyline,but oh wells,have a look. Don't know what they are trying to portray.

Pretty flower

This is especially,is the best part of the show. Where the light shone at the side,and bubbles of different size floated out. I'm captivated by these bubbles,it would be more amazing if there is some chiobu wearing some chio fluffy dress walking among the bubbles. LOL! I mean,the scene is just really pretty lah.

Here's me and Jia Qi while waiting for the show.

Jing Long and I.

Jia Qi and Jing Long!

We stayed on for awhile after the show,and there's this light toy that everyone is playing. Curious,and for the sake of entertainment,I bought one too. And it's only $1!

I think this shot super hard to catch. What more its taken at night. Nice shot,Jing Long! And here's him trying out the toy:

There's a red heart shape light beside him,UBER CUTE!

And here's all 3 of us! :D

Hehehe,we all act cute. Says who?! We ARE naturally cute,no need to act! Haha!

Picture credits to Jing Long & his trusty Canon Eos 50D


Ian said...

Now where's ur D90 lah!

Tee Ying Zi said...

haha! that day never bring out! =x

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

That looks so interesting! I want to see it after I get back to Singapore. And those last four photos of you guys looks professional, especially the second of the four. Looks like some poster for some drama movie, lol.