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Sunday, March 13, 2011

My freaking weird (or haunted?) experience at Changi Chalet

I have been saying that I want to post this but never got around doing it. Alright,I'm here to talk about my encounter at Changi Chalet. Just a couple weeks ago,it was Yong Wei's birthday.

Yes,the one who is sitting on the chair. What a crazy night it is,people smashing his face into the cake and everyone running around the whole porch in front of it. I could only wish that my birthday,which is coming in 2 month's time,would be as crazy as this. But definitely not weird like what is about to happen later in the night.

The bloggers went off while I'm left with his classmates whom I met for the first time. By now,Yong Wei is dead drunk and lying in the bed. We played the 'drinking game' (fun fun! Should be played on my birthday!) and lots of crazy mixture too.

I got tired around 5am,and lay down in the room with the peeps who were drinking. I didn't go to the next room that is just across ours because there were people sleeping on the beds inside (we had both matresses put on the floor in our room so that more people could sleep on it).

Here. Look at the top floor,we played the games and slept on the second storey,room on the LEFT because people were already sleeping on the bed in the RIGHT room.

The next morning,they woke me up with the bright sun shining through the windows. Feeling tired,I went down to the living room and here is when they ask me:
Why are you in the next room?

I was like,huh? And then I realise. Wait,why did I wake up on the bed in the room on the right when I went to sleep on the floor matress in the left room? Yes,I recalled sleeping on the floor and one of the guys covered the blanket for me. Then I drift off to sleep. How the hell,did I end p sleeping in the next room? On the bed? When previously I had been sleeping on the floor?

What happened?
Apparently,one of the guys told me that 2 of them saw me sleeping alone in the room as the rest had woke up to take the first bus home. I'm not sure by then had dawn approached. So they both went downstairs to get a drink. Then Jacinta asked Daryl where am I,they said in the room. She came up and found no one in the room,freaked out and went back down saying that I'm not in the room. So they both came up and saw that I really wasn't in the room! They went off to the room and found me sleeping on the bed.

Haha,some ghost must have doted on me huh? I know myself well,I'm a light sleeper. I have 2 things,I don't know if it contributes to this bizarre incident. 1st,I'm having my period. 2nd,I mentioned a few ghost stories to spook them before falling asleep.

So,what say you? ;)


Anonymous said...

it never cross ur mind tat ur drink was spiked and u got r...?


Tee Ying Zi said...

No,everyone drank from the same bottle and same cup. If mine is spiked,so is everyone else's -_- everyone got raped?

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Hmmm. I guess you are lucky the ghost liked you and wanted you to be comfortable in the bed instead of on the floor :-)