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Sunday, March 27, 2011

I love playing Mahjong,what about you?

I love playing mahjong!

Just a couple weeks ago,I finally satisfy my craving by playing at Ven's place! We have got Mike,Mel,Ven and myself. It was one slow round,playing $0.20-$0.40. All 3 of us ended up losing to Ven thanks to her 4 tai at the last minute! Hahaha,we didn't lose much. Just a few cents to $1 nia.

Anyway,something strange happened? I wouldn't know how to say it but just as the game reached 'nan' (south),and it was my turn to be the 'zhuang',there was 2 missing tiles. We couldn't understand why and turn out everything. We ended up finding the 2 missing tiles (7 wan & 8 wan) inside the box which we took the tiles out from at the start of the game. It's just so strange,cause all along the ga me,everything was in order,there were no missing tiles until then.

We could swear that not a single tile dropped on the floor during the game. That's why finding it inside the box again was quite bizarre to us. Hmmm,so what just happened? Who knows. What are the myths or superstitions that you would do to ensure winning? I know some people would wear red underwear for luck,some wouldn't use their phone for concentration. So what would you do? Do comment! :D

How about getting about getting a mahjong tile as an amulet? LOL!

I don't have my own set mahjong or table. And I have been eyeing on the golden coloured Hello Kitty tiles for a long time! The gold one is more special than the pink one lor. I'm not sure if people would bother to come to my house for mahjong,so I didn't buy it. Maybe someone could buy it for my upcoming birthday in May? :P (hint hint!)


Mike Yip said...

It was a hint to tell us to stop playing!!

Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

I have never played mahjong and have no idea how it is played, lol. Maybe you should teach me someday. :-)