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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Steamboat party at my house!

The yearly affair,reunion dinner at my place! About last last week's Saturday,which was the 10th of day Chinese New Year,I held a steamboat at my place. This is the time to meet everyone who's been busy for the whole year!
Tadah! Look at all the food! There's more coming up,and many more that I actually forgot to bring out (and my mom nagged at me for leaving so much food in the fridge). Cousins*,can we have another steamboat again?

Thank goodness for Josh who would usually arrive earlier to help me with the food. He's a good cook! And slowly,the cousins* came in one by one.
Guess who greeted the cousins* first?


This little fur ball which every year,everyone says that they are going to include him in the steamboat menu. It's so hard to get a picture of him like that,but Andy did it with the lure of a crabstick!

Food,food! Time to eat!
They keep using my signature pose... And there's one sibei act-cute one below,neh,the one that stick out his tongue and wink one!

And they were actually playing this, 'Cut the String' or something. Keep screaming. I thought my neighbour would come over any time to tell us to keep quiet. It sounds like a fun game though,lots of patience required to solve it!

Lou yee sang! I totally love Yu sheng!
Thanks to Andy for buying it over,my area doesn't sell any. Look at their happy faces,its time to have some fun :D

Ready... Get set... GO!

Our hands at the end result. You can see someone is still holding on to the yee sang,trying to put some on who's ever hand hasn't kena. Yi si yi si,we all ate a bit. Can't really take some to put on the plate either cause there isn't any left to scoop.

Take some photos:

After photo-taking,it's the typical setting of a chinese new year house-visiting.


huat ah!

Beauty mode. Everyone look so chio and glowy here!
Josh be the banker. All sorts of bets come up. $0.50-$2. Small small will do,this is not MBS or RWS. Don looks as though he's losing,haha!

Love all the gatherings! I'm looking forward to next year where we will all lou yee sang again.


DC said...

Bobo's tear stains so bad?

Tee Ying Zi said...

@ DC: Yes,it's VERY hard to clean it. I would usually cut it away,but he's too naughty for me to catch and cut.

DC said...

You can try using baking powder...

Tee Ying Zi said...

It helps? I shall try that then,thanks! :D

Feng You You said...

I have a crush on you since ever! And now I love you more, because your sexy face is all over your blog!



I love Tee Ying zi lo ~~