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Friday, February 25, 2011

New look for my blog,MANY pictures of me. Ha!

Hello guys!

Have you realised? Are you a regular blog reader of mine? If you are,you would have realised that I have changed the entire outlook of my blog! Do you like it? Do give some tips on improving the look of it! :) But with regards to the banner,I know it's a bit plain. Words,yes. But it's hard to think of something suitable to put. Then again,simplicity's the concept. But if you are very free to do it,send me your trial and I will credit you.
The current look now:

About Me

Check out the "About Me" section if you like,email me some questions if you would like. If there are a lot of questions asking the same thing,I would add on in that section.

My pictures
Yes please,I know it's all over the page. You mean you don't enjoy looking at chiobu?! -flicks hair-
Haha! Kidding alright? It's not often that I would take pictures of myself,so stare before its gone!

YES! Finally,ARCHIVES! Can't wait to dig up my past is it? So many people wanna know about my past,they keep requesting me to put. Not much pictures de lah,you don't have to bother comparing my before-and-after pictures. It's just a young girl maturing into a young lady. Interesting to see meh?!

Follow me!
Yes please,you can now follow my RSS feeds or whatever how it works. So then you can get my latest updates anytime! You can comment and let me know how you feel about the curent outlook,whether things work. I will try to amend it! Also,my twitter @Dream2breakaway

Yes,that is coming. SOON. And I hope that would inspire you to travel,and love it as much as I do.

Lastly,I would like to wish you all goodnight. I will be a little busy over the weekend,and I will update more. I have yet to tell you all about the Changi chalet incident,just hang on!
HA! Sorry,couldn't resist putting another photo of myself. Goodnight and sweet dreams!


Anonymous_X said...

need a caption for ur banner?

try this one:
"No, I don't think I will kiss you, although you need kissing, badly.

That's what's wrong with you.

You should be kissed and often, and by someone who knows how."

(From "Gone of the Wind" - coz that's the wind effect to your hair, yes?)


Sakie and Thomas Gantz said...

Yes, I noticed the new blog look. Very nice. Ha ha ha, saw the other comment on this post. I guess you have a secret admirer. Good for you. :-). I liked the 'flicks hair' part. I like people with a sence of humor. (^-^)

clive.boulton said...

preferred your custom banner style header on your old blog design.

currently (hint, hint) i have to tab to read 'about you'. there's none of your new age music playing (your choices were classy, not my space annoying). and the chatter box gathered comments in one place, making it quicker to read D2b's pulse, or add a qik note.

your pictures stories, as always are awesomeness

BTW i think Tumblr has a better grip header designs.

Tee Ying Zi said...

Haha,kelvin,I hope the current one is better? Added the Idreamtobreakaway (my pseudonym) to it,lol!

Sakie and Thomas: Thanks! :DD

Clive: I do miss my old banner some times,but many said that the move was good though. It isn't so messy as before. Isk,I miss putting music on my blog too! Unfortunately,those music that I like isn't available now. I can introduce you some,if you like :) Such as Lord of Dance by Enigma or Teardrops by Massive Attack. Tabs are created so that it wouldn't be so messy though.