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Thursday, December 09, 2010

What do u think of this look? I hope it doesn't scare u.

Hmmm... What should I say? People say I'm getting scarier and scarier posts after posts.
I truly love white a lot,most of my clothes are white. Months after months,I made up my mind to bleach and dye my hair white after my exams,yet I have heard supersticions that it's bad luck for the children to have white hair before their parents blah blah. Considering that:

1. It MIGHT not suit me.
2. Bleaching is bad for the hair.
3. I still have to dye back to black.

A wig seemed like a good decision.

I nearly bought one in Australia but it seemed pretty expensive. I kinda regret though,they are selling for about $40-$50 AUD. I'm a cheapo,I even ask for a discount until $30 AUD but still end up not buying cause the hair style doesn't seem to suit me. Lol! But anyway,there's a wholesale hair shop below my place. So I bought the wig (one and only!) for $70 when I was on my way back from the bank. Ha! Here are some pictures,let me know what you think about it?

And last of all,it would be this:

It ended up as my twitter and facebook profile picture.


I'm me! I know people tell me that it looks like lady gaga's hair or something. But mine is white,not blonde. Plus hers is longer. Argh,hateful! Mine is so short! So how? What do you think? But definitely,I'm not going to dye my hair white anymore. Hard to maintain!

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