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Thursday, December 02, 2010

To watch or not to watch: The Haunted House Project

The Haunted House Project

Over the course of 42 years, 6 went missing, 8 had accidents and 11 were murdered!
Three haunted house club members and three camera crew decide to look into this infamously haunted house, known to be possessed by real ghosts. Ignoring all signs from the other world, they enter this haunted house and disappear without a trace. A video footage of what they shot during their visit was since recovered, which may reveal why and how they disappeared.

Here's the trailer:

My take on this? Bad movie. People said it's another Blair Witch film,except that Blair Witch is nicer. Well,I have never watched blair witch before so I would say this is another REC movie. Except much worser. Not even scary at all. The movie wasn't enjoyable at all. Throughout the entire film,the camera gets cranky most of the time. It's annoying because sometimes when it gets cranky,the ghost suddenly flash RIGHT in your face. Then you know that you wanna brace for the next time when it gets cranky,yet NOTHING happens. It's annoying to watch a movie with your heart almost jumping out of your mouth all the time. Oh,should I say,there's no climb nor fall,it's climax all the time. Jump out of your seat during the entire show,people.
The film indeed explained how they disappeared,but not WHY. Only at the ending of the movie have a auntie talking why is the house haunted.

My rating for this movie? 1 star against 5 starts.

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