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Sunday, December 26, 2010

OverTime at Dempsey with Lin Chi Ling!

Darren , Mint , Wendy , Cheryl , Allan , myself , Yong Wei
Hello! How was your Christmas? I hope you guys had fun.
Let me introduce you to a new place to chill out,shall I? On the 16th December 2010,with thanks to Daen of Vibescomm,I was invited to this place called OverTime located at Dempsey hill. The above photo is taken with the fellow bloggers,and of course the boss of the place,Allan!

The beer of the day is Starker! There are 2 sort of Starker beer,one is the Lager(laa-gal) beer is bitter,probably more suitable for the seasoned drinkers or those who love the bitter taste. While the alternative would be Aromatic. Just as the name suggested,it's slightly sweeter and has more flavour which is more suitable starters.

Its not just a place of drinks,dinner was served by the in-house chef so fret not! Hungry? Just order!

Finally,the star of the day has arrived! Ms Lin Chi Ling! After signing the board,she proceeded to move inside OverTime. She is a very beautiful lady with a warm and sweet personality! Her voice is so sweet! Anyone remembered watching Red Cliff? Hehe!

Afterwards,she went into a tent where the media interviewed her. Thankfully,we managed to get a picture with her! But not without 2 outsiders who DIE DIE also wanna squeeze in with us.

How do you like this place? They have very laid-back kind of setting for you to chill out. OverTime has got 2 branches here in Singapore,head over to anyone of them. Countdown!

Overtime @ Dempsey Hill
18E Dempsey Road, Singapore 249677
Tel: 6472 4388

Overtime @ Holland Village
25 Lorong Mambong, Singapore 277684
Tel: 6465 8368

Photo credits to Yong Wei

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