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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ginvera Eye Roll & Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel

Skincare review,sponsored products

As you guys always know,I have a habit of sleeping late. But that doesn't mean I don't have dark eye circles. So when TheSampleStore offered me to do the Ginvera Eye Roll review,I am over the moon! So here we go,let the pictures prove the results if it works.

Tilt it at 45 degrees and roll it on your eyes from side to side,following the arrows.
Pat around your eye area after using it,don't waste it!

The moisture will come out,as can be seen on the picture that the right one is shinier.

Ginvera Eye Roll has a green ball is said to be a jade,I'm not sure if you can pry it out and try to sell it. Haha! But in any case,jade has got 'energy' in them where it transfers the 'energy' on to your eyes when you roll them around the eye area. Jade roller is more hygienic than other rollers as it has energy to inhibit bacteria and brightening your eye contour. It's cooling against the skin as well!

Next up,let's test the:
GINVERA Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel

Texture of it on the hand

You don't have to cleanse your face or wet your fingers,just dab on your face,especially around the T-Zone area.

And this my dead skin! Okay,I know. It's disgusting. Disgusting like your face! Hahaha! I'm sure you have dead skin too,so this is how it will be like after your rubbed it on your face. Dead skin appearing.

GINVERA Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel is quite effective in a sense that it contract your pores,effectively remove blackhead painlessly and dead skin your face. Removing dead skin your face effectively brightens up your face and dull skin be gone! Looking at the before-and-after pictures...

The top is a before picture and bottom is the after picture. Ignoring the lighting,I think my face looks more radiant after using it. Of course,it's not a one-shot instant result. You have to use it daily and faithfully. Even my dark eye circles seemed to have lessen.

Doubt it? Try it!
Go here for a sample size!
Also,don't forget to check out the facebook page for Ginvera.

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