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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Enjoying life with a massage at Spa Republic

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Hello! Christmas season is round the corner,every man and lady has got to give themself some time to freshen up and get ready for christmas,isn't it? Well,I will show you a way how to enjoy life!

Just after I came back from Australia,battered and sore from the cold weather there,I am extremely happy to be invited by Daphne to try out the massage at Sentosa Resorts World! Resort Spa is located right in Festive Hotel Level 3 Resort World Sentosa. Words aside,let me show you:

Welcome to Spa Republic!

I am there with these few bloggers as well:


We were first served tea before being shown to our rooms.

Here's the bathroom,shower's on the left and steam bath on the right.

That's right,steaming is a good way to detox without actually having to exercise! It unclogs pores and washes out the dirt that is has sunken deep into your skin. Now,the room.

Awfully huge,isn't it? With relaxing slow Chinese Orchestra music,it sets my mind at peace.
The picture on the left shows how it looks like when you enter the room. So on the left side of the room,you will see the jaccuzzi (reminds me of a goldfish's bowl) and right side of the room will be the place where you lie down for the massage.

First,it would be the cavier scrub. Yes,the very cavier where you eat in Japanese restaurants. This scrub has got 2 potent anti-aging ingredients,which are grape seed oil and cavier. They clear away the dead skin cells and fine lines,revealing a new soft and youthful skin beneath.

Picture credits to June
Soft and gentle,click to enlarge and you totally feel like you could eat it on the spot. Haha!
After an hour of Cavier scrub,we wash it off by eating showering.

Next up would be the:

Warm Deluxe Argan Massage

Submerge and tranquilize in their Marine Therapy with essential oils and Babacu plant extracts. Thereafter, embrace the satin experience with their recherché selection of Essence of the Mediterranean oil. The candle fills the room with a soothing scent and moisturising goodness such as Lavender, Mandarin, sweet almond, Rosemary, Sunflower oil, Sal Butters and Palm Wax are being massaged into the body leaving a lingering silky feel on your skin while restoring the vital elements the body lacks.

The sweet scent indeed soothes me and the wax,unlike a normal candle,will not harden when poured out. Gosh,when she rubs it on my skin,it feels damn warm and smooth! It doesn't even burn or feels very oily.

After the treatment,we are not treated to the usual tea but something much nicer.

Red dates,wolfberries,white fungus and barley. Healthy,isn't it? I'm not a person who usually eat these sort of stuff,but I found it yummy. Actually,I kinda crave for it now. Teehee!

This is Mediterranean Xmas Package by Spa Republic that takes a total of 2 hours. Detox Steam,Caviar Scrub and Warm Argan Deluxe Massage. That day,I put a status:
Envy much? Want a chance to live my life? I will give you the chance,not to live my life. But enjoy the massage that I went. Do hear,men are very much welcomed too! In fact,my masseur told me that men are a common sight,even more than the ladies! They are the ones working and have more tension than the ladies. So shy not,men!

Spa Republic is giving away the package for free to 2 of my readers!
Each package worth $376 with entrance to sentosa waived off! All you have to do is to email your particulars with NRIC, contact number, name to pick.my.entry@gmail.com . Remember to put your subject heading as
"Ying Zi loves Resort spa Mediterranean Xmas Promo
I f you're not chosen,don't worry. Just quote Mediterranean Xmas when making appointment and you will get to enjoy the treatment at $188, usual price $376 with complimentary entrance to sentosa, detox steam and mediterranean spa refreshment.

Sounds good? Make an appointment today!
Tel : 6884 9303

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