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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Faces of Darren Ng Wei Jie's Murderers


Darren Ng Wei Jie (left) died from his injuries after being attacked with choppers at Downtown East.

Three of the four men arrested for the death of 19-year-old Darren Ng Wei Jie in Downtown East last weekend have been charged in court for murder.

The three men are 21-year-old Tang Jia Min, 20-year-old Ho Wui Ming and 19-year-old Chen Wei Zhen.

According to The Straits Times, the fourth man, 18-year-old Edward Tay Wei Loong, hit his head while putting up a struggle against the police, causing internal bleeding within the skull and is now in the intensive care unit of Changi General Hospital. He is currently in a neck brace and guarded by two police officers. He is not allowed to receive any visitors.

The four suspects — who are students and full-time national servicemen — were hiding in a chalet at the SAF Yacht Club in Tanah Merah Coast Road when the police came to arrest them.

The fight last Saturday reportedly started when Darren and his friends got into a staring incident with another group of about 10 teenagers at the Pasir Ris resort and amusement complex. The incident then turned into a violent brawl and Darren is believed to have been slashed several times on his back, limbs and abdomen by his attackers, who were armed with choppers. The second-year industrial and operations management student from Republic Polytechnic later died from his multiple stab wounds at Changi General Hospital. According to Today, Darren’s father, Mr Francis Ng, said at his son’s memorial service last night, “My son died because of his love for his friends.”

Darren’s childhood friend, girlfriend, elder sister and parents took turns to give their eulogies of a “cheerful” young man with “a heart of gold” to a crowd of 400 friends and relatives.

Source: Yahoo

Sad,isn't it? Here is the number of people who turned up for the funeral:

Click to enlarge
People who really are his family or just to KPO? Honestly,I as a part of the member of public. I do feel a tinge of sadness for Darren. Nope,I don't know him (he look kinda familiar to me,really. Then again,I could be wrong.),but I feel for him. Initially,I was like:

"Okay,someone died. Big news in Singapore because not everyday someone gets murdered and some people get caught. And MAYBE going to get hang."

It's hard to say,you know. Because I never heard of someone getting hang in Singapore these days. Reporters swarm around the family,even Darren's friends got agitated. I couldn't agree more with his friends instead of the reporters. Where are their moral values? Pestering the people at the family for some news to keep their rice bowl? Then again,without them,you also won't be seeing the pictures here. In any case,you can't overdo certain things. Really.

Anyway,pictures of the murderers below! Again,click to enlarge.

They didn't look so young anymore despite being in their late teens. Suddenly all of them look so... Old? I read from forums that they even laugh when they hacked Darren Ng and shouted a particular gang's name. Not sure if it's true,but well,just a piece of info for thought.

My take on this?


Because it's not a joke when someone can just whip out a knife and start hacking you. It's just so unbelievable that on a supposedly fun day like Halloween,people starts chopping you in front of the crowd and the kids around. Gee. And guess what?
You died.
The purpose of hanging them is not to bring Darren back from the dead. It is to teach others a lesson that this kind of actions cannot be tolerated in Singapore. And the grief that they cause to the people in Darren Ng's life. Particularly his family. Certainly,they didn't bring him up to be hacked to death within minutes. And who said you can't stare at people? Isn't there always lovebirds/couples who stare at each other? But they don't whip up a knife and start hacking each other.

PS. If I died,that means someone came to kill me. I think I need some bodyguards with pistols.
you know,guns are faster than parangs.

1 comment:

Me said...

Agree with your opinions on this post. The disgusting nature of reporters and hanging those lowlife hooligans.