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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Beauty on your face,coming in your way!

Sponsored products

I LOVE receiving packages and anything that is mail-addressed to me! Except bombs and bills of course. But guess what? The other day,I received a package. Tadah!

Confirm Trading has send them to me and who are they? Go to their facebook to find out more,just click here: http://www.facebook.com/ConfirmTrading and do join for some exciting goodies! Beneath that mask,is filled with many goodies. I felt like Christmas came early!

Muahaha,get jealous! A lot right? You want can click to ENLARGE ALSO. Get jealous!

I am going to do reviews on these products which includes 2 masks,whitening serum for dark & white tone of skin as well as Anti-Aging night and day cream. Besides,Singapore is sometimes so hot that is so intolerable! The only way to protect our skin? Sun block. And that's provided by them too! Unless you want to be like the fried pork skin inside the Bak Chor Mee which I always eat for supper. Hehe!

Not forgetting Dr Jart+ too! Nowadays got so many BB cream,which one is good? I will show you soon.

Good things are worth the wait,you know.

All sorted out together with my D90 for excellent pictures. Feast your eyes! I even highlighted and circled out those products. I feel so hard working,as though I'm studying for my exams. Haha! Be prepared,be prepared. It's coming soon,in your face. Hehe!

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