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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Positivitea starts with me!

Blog Contest part 1

The other day,I'm feeling soooooooo upset with my phone bill because my phone operator got my phone plan mixed up! And I had to pay the adult rates rather than my student rate. And my mom,not understanding what is going on,she blame it on me and we started quarreling. I am just soooooo damn pissed off! Obviously it isn't my fault right?!

A stupid piece of paper that cause domestic arguments is totally MOODY.

But that evening,someone cycled over and got me a drink.

F&N Seasons Ice lemon green tea
It's my first time drinking this,because I usually only drink soft drinks. These kind of drinks are considered as healthy drinks to me. Anyway,the taste is absolutely refreshing to me. I tried many other ice lemon tea or green tea and totally loathe them. The taste is too thick and too lemon-y or too 'healthily' green for me. While this one,the taste is surprisingly refreshing!

Surprisingly refreshing Ice lemon green tea uses NO preservative at all! That brings drinks to a higher level,where people do not need to worry about being allergic to any preservatives found in the drinks!

Of course,I had the nicest dinner ever. What more could I ask for? Someone bringing me a bottle of drink,something new and nice. A yummy dinner at the famous Bedok 85 market. Find out in the next post,who came over and how this drink actually improve part of my emotional well-being!

Bear this in mind,no one else can affect your emotions. Stay positive in the face of adversity. And tell yourself that:

Positivity starts with me!

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