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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Be a farmer without sweat!

Want a chance to be a farmer?
You won't even sweat from this activity that I am about to introduce you! Ha. Unless the weather is hot,like the haze that's choking all of us. Hmph! Anyway,lo and behold,

F&N Positivitea Plant Plantation!

Let me show you the manual labour guide:
1. Go to F&N Facebook page.

2. Allow permission!

Here is Mint's one!

Her plant is growing bit by bit.

How come ah? Keep posting positive things and your plant will grow! :D Isn't that great? Just like how sunshine will help plants to grow,turn your positivity into sunshine for the plants. Plants cannot really grow well in the dark,so don't be gloomy. Cheer up and join today,have fun with your plant!

See? I told you,you wouldn't even sweat from this activity. Just some finger exercise.
Clickity clickity click click click!
Shed those fats on your finger naoooooooooo. Hehehehe!

Credits to Mint for the pics

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