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Monday, September 06, 2010

Love Cuts feat. Zoe Tay semi-nude : To watch or not?

Love cuts

In Singaporean drama "Love Cuts", a 40-year-old mother of two (Zoe Tay) struggles with terminal breast cancer. It's touted as not only a poignant and moving portrayal of the challenges she faces as a result of her diagnosis, but also of how she inspires and changes the lives of the people around her. Also starring Hong Kong's Kenny Ho. Directed by Gerald Lee and scripted by Danny Yeo and Lee Shyh Jih. This movie receives the backing of Singapore's Health Promotion Board.

I would rate this as 4 stars against 5. A local movie that focuses on emotions and expressions. With regards to the expressions,the actors weren't exceptionally good in bringing out the feel. Maybe they felt the pain or sadness but it doesn't seem to show too much on the face. Instead,there was a lot of crying and stony expressions which left me wondering what is the actor thinking or reacting. It doesn't help when the movie is a little draggy.

So why 4 against 5 stars? The plot is good,it rises the awareness of breast cancer to people. It briefly showed people how important it is to go for check up without turning it into a documentary. Cantonese-speaking Singaporeans would find this movie a sense of familiarity as Zoe Tay speaks to her husband in Cantonese in the movie. Definitely,this should be a reminder for everyone not to only start caring for someone when things happen.

It might be a bit of a shock to see Zoe Tay's bareback and other actors top naked,but hey,you gotta step out of your shell man! They are damn sexy,it wouldn't occur to you that Zoe Tay has given birth before!

Zoe Tay,the mother of two sons is currently pregnant with a third child. She is expected go into labour in October.

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