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Saturday, August 14, 2010

PCK movie review & guess WHAT I took from GV theatres!

Stomp stomp stomp

Yellow boots! Hohoho,it's movie review time. This time,it's

Phua Chu Kang: The Movie

Check out the trailer here:

More than a decade after his yellows boots first kicked up big laughs on TV, Singapore's favourite contractor has finally made the big leap to the silver screen. Now based in Kuala Lumpur, Phua Chu Kang and wife Rosie get a visit from Kang's beloved Ah Ma. But even before she unpacks her luggage, Ah Ma disappears. What happened to her? Did she run away? Why? Or was she kidnapped? Kang's desperate search for Ah Ma leads him in an old folks home and its smarmy CEO, Lim Lau Pek, who offers Kang a lucrative contracting job. But first, he has to beat his arch nemesis, Frankie Foo, who is after the same job.

Things take a surprising turn at the old folks home when Lim takes an amorous interest in Rosie, then Kang is accused of killing one of the elderly residents. Is Frankie behind this? What is Lim Lau Pek really up to? Kang finds out a secret about his distant past that Ah Ma has kept from him all these year, and he meets a relative he thought was long dead. Traumatised, Kang has to choose between business and family amid unexpected alliances.

Will our hero do the right thing?

-PCK movie

Ven and I
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YongWei and I

William and I

My ratings for this movie is 3/5
It really is a hilarious show! Not to forget,the actors (Gurmit Singh and Irene) came to the theatres after the movie ended. They are remarkably good actors,really know how to make the crowd laugh and immerse themselves in their roles.

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As that is the last day of Yishun GV before they start renovation,we were all allowed to take something home from the cinemas. Such as small pieces of carpet. But they aren't that stupid,we might just throw that smelly/unhygienic nice carpet away right? They framed it up for us! But I took something else instead. And until today,whenever I look at it,I kept laughing.


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