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Monday, August 09, 2010

Little updates on my current life: MONSTER STUDY! RAWR!

Monster rawr!

Little updates on my current life now.
Common tests from Wednesday to Friday,I gotta study study study!

Not saying that I given up hope on Math,but I think those are die-die-memorize-formula subjects. So I gotta learn from those formulas. I have yet to memorize essays for my Social Studies! Gosh. Reading up on Physics now,circuits are making the circuits in my mind go haywire. But it's a subject that I have confidence in. Continue to study~ After this period I should be able to relax. Time seemed to pass so fast,after my trip I could still remember telling myself that I wanna study hard for my common tests,in a blink of an eye,common tests are coming in a couple days' time.
Glad that I have a couple days to study,thanks to national day.
Happy national day,Singapore!


In order not to make this look like a twitpic or tweetphoto exceeding 140 words,I shall piak another photo of me!


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