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Monday, July 05, 2010

I'm in Penang,Penang Laksa here I come!

I think you guys are used to me disappearing for a long time already. But anyway,let's explained my disappearance from the web. I'm in Penang now!

Guess what is this?
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I had this for Lunch. This is the original,what we usually see in Singapore is this:

So they were laughing and saying Singapore version of Laksa isn't Laksa,it's curry chicken noodles. Whatever,I still like Singapore Laksa without bean sprouts. Penang Asam Laksa is a refreshing change though.

And I went with Jess back to Penang,her family are very nice people!
That night,we partied out late
Yes,whatever. I look fat because I powdered my cheeks too much.

Alright,so here's some of the pictures when Jess came to Singapore.
We ate at Fika,a swedish restaurant. The food are mad yums!

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Ven,Jess,Me,Joyce,June(left to right)
Us standing in front of Fika

Last one of me and Jess. Yippee!

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