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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Swear at her and getting away with it. TEEHEE!

The advantages of being in a foreign land is that,people don't understand you when you are not speaking in the native tongue. Which means... You can scold them in dialect vulgarities!

On Sunday,I came back with 2 more bags of shopping. I struggled to hold them and as I was queuing at the counter,some bitch just came over and stood beside me. I just say to her that I was here first,there's a queue behind. She just looked at me,but who cares? I'm on my ipod and not about to listen to what she says.

As the guy in front of us moves off,it's MY turn. All the while nudging me out of the queue,I gave her more than just a nudge so that she would go away. Hello? I'm not being mean. It just doesn't mean that I'm an Asian in your country,you can just come and stand beside me or push me off the queue.

Anyway,she exclaimed:
Lady,you should learn some manners!

Probably in her upbringing,to say that is being extremely mean already.
But hey,in my society,being mean is roll my eyes and reply her with:


Could have flick my finger at her,but that's a finger that everyone recognises it internationally.

Her reaction:
Mouth opened but don't understand at what I'm talking about. There you go,bitch.
If only she knew that I just called her a smelly cunt. CCB = Chou ji bai in Hokkien dialect.
Again,like I say: I don't see the need to be nice to someone who think they can cut my queue and try to nudge me off the queue then exclaiming that I should learn some manners. Don't challenge laoniang to who can be ruder.

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