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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nokia: The Rookie


There,I'm sure you guys have heard of or even watched the Apprentice show on Channel 5 haven't you? All the drama-mama and tension going on,keeps us excited of who's going to be the winner? Now,right here at our sunny little island,let me present to you:

Nokia is looking for 12 individuals who will compete for internships at 4 high-profile companies; Nokia , Microsoft , Standard Chartered Bank and Zouk. Each contestant will take on a series of challenges,their performances will be filmed and broadcasted over 6 webisodes. Of the 4 final contestants,only ONE will emerge as the winner and be crowned as THE ROOKIE! Also,let's not forget the about the $5000 cash prize. The final winner shall be revealed in Zouk

The webisodes has already started and up to date in the the 4th webisodes,6 contestants has been eliminated. We are very soon down to the final 4! Go ahead and guess who will be the winner,you will stand a chance to win a Nokia E72.

If you're free,head down and watch the webisodes now! Not free.
What?! Not free?! Then make yourself free!
Don't you want to win a Nokia E72? It's is slick,slim and designed to suit business and personal communications. You don't need other phones to read emails and smses at the same time,E72 solves the problem!


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