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Saturday, June 19, 2010



I'm now lying on my bed,I just went down to get a can of coke and paid for the wifi. Its 2.30am here in Paris and I'm really tired. But I seriously need to rant and make myself feel alive on the internet world,yet I don't wanna flood the twitter timeline,so I guess I'll just do it here instead.

Lemme confess,I'm fucking scared being alone in the hotel room! The corridoor needed a switch to turn on the lights cause it'll auto off by itself. Which means the whole place is damn dark when I'm alone and just came back. Sheesh,scare die me T_T I even called home to my mom and tell her about it,and she told me some ways to calm myself down. Which I followed and it did help a bit.

Left the tv,all the lights and curtains apart before going to sleep.

Alright. I shall sleep now. Everyone,please pray for my safety and I shall love you very very much.

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