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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Curry Chicken noodle = curry spa for cockroaches

While Weijie and I was at KL
our friends on that side was kind enough to play host and brought us around KL eating good food. Before I even mention the rest of the wonderful makan places that they brought to,let me highlight this place to you. Its really wonderful.

After playing several rounds of pool,they drove us to some place which literally translated as:
100 year old street.

I forgot the malay name for it,but hey,look at our happy faces at the thought of eating dinner.

Victoria,Sam and xiang not in picture

Yes,quite happy.
That was before our food came. Jackie's rojak,unfortunately was served late as they had forgotten his order. Until we reminded them. As the rest of us,we ate curry noodle and cha kuey tiao etc. I ordered a cup of warm water as I was having a bad cough.

As a slow eater,which my friends knew and are always frustrated having to wait for me to finish my food,the rest had finished theirs by the time I was halfway through my food. All I could think of is:
Finish this,Ying Zi,finish it!
I do waste my food somtimes,but however if I were to finish my food,I have a great sense of satisfaction.
Taking a break to swallow,I picked my chopstick. And this is when I saw secret ingredient of the noodle. Which suspiciously looked like...

Honestly,please don't tell me you still don't know what is this.


leg la... You honestly think that I found the WHOLE cockroach inside my food?
That would have been YUCK YUCK YUCK to the max!
Anyways,yes. The cockroach leg:

Cannot be just 1 cockroach fall in mah. You think the cockroach have nothing better to do than to break off one of its legs and throw it into the pot? No la,the whole cockroach must have fell in and the leg broke off. I can't imagine the person stirring the cockroach round and round the pot.
The cockroach must have felt like being in a curry-flavoured washing machine.

You know,initially I thought it was a spice. Because there are some spices which looked like that. But I forgot what is it called. I looked closely before exclaiming out to them. And I scooped it out and let the waiter see. Oh boy,the waiter was rude to us too.
The way he took it from me? Tsk tsk tsk,rude.

I think his colleague let an embarrassed laugh out and took the whole thing piece of tissue
WITH THE COCKROACH LEG back to us and started explaining in cantonese. Okay,I don't understand but what I had in mind was to cancel my order. I don't wanna eat anymore. But Victoria explained to me that he said:

We will cancel everyone's food.

You all only have to pay for the drinks.

I was surprised,and had her to confirm what he said. And yes,only drinks counted. The waiter asked if I would like any replacement of food FOR FREEEEEEEEEEE but I said no thanks. I don't feel hungry anymore. And most of my friends had already finished their food and drink,so I didn't order anymore drinks. Neither do I wanna stay on.

YAY! Everyone had a free but somewhat disgusted meal thanks to me.
I don't even know whether I should be happy or disgusted by the whole idea.

Then again,I think I should have exclaimed the cockroach leg in my food outloud.
Then,everyone in there would have been thoroughly disgusted and their food would be free too.

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