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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Exciting month of May,I can't wait!

Month of May

I wanted to do this on the 1st of May de,Labour Day. But Andystorm has already beat me to it! :( Nevertheless. Here's my plan for this month,it's an important as well as exciting month to me!

First up:
Travel to KL!
Yes,I will be going with my bestie.

A couple weeks back,he was the one who suddenly come and tell me: Hey,let's go KL! Perhaps he already knew that his enlistment letter is coming. Hey weijie,you're finally going to be a MAN! Anyways,lots of problems. We both had to renew our passport and his had freaking expired in 2003! Can you believe it?! Then transportation problems. We couldn't book air flights anymore cause it had become way too expensive due to last minute bookings. And the rest couldn't come along cause Monday isn't labour day in their poly/too last-minute/parents didn't allow.

Second thing:

My data plan will be starting on Sunday,while I'm still in Malaysia. Sheesh,I'll be damn excited to use it. Muahahahah! Yes,I have decided to get a blackberry instead. I was tempted to get a iPhone when my ex-boyfriend came to ask me out for supper the night before I got the phone. Whew,I hung on to the decision still. They didn't have the bold already,only bold 2. I would have LOVED to change my BB to a white casing.




I've never felt so excited for exams,I really hope I do well. It's a goal to satisfy myself and make my mom proud of me. Started studying? YES OF COURSE! It is not because that if I study well,my mom will late me go overseas(she will still let me go all the same,I think),but I think the least I could do to make her happy of course to achieve good results. I look forward to chionging home to study for exams after exams.

One paper on 7th May
English paper,friday.

Next paper on 14th-20th May
E & A.Math,Science and F&N exams. Pray hard for me!

Mom's birthday falls on 8th May,which is next Saturday! I'm going to bluff her that I'm going overseas,I'm going to book a place then leave the house early to Boat Restaurant at Marina Bay. Thank goodness,she doesn't read my blog. It's going to be a surprise,I really like the ambience there and food especially. Then I'll get my brother to bring her there,tadah! Surprise,mummy!

And then,8 days later,it will be my birthday! Yes,falls on the 16th of May. Do you know...
It's the same birthday as Megan Fox! Gosh,caught me by surprise too. So you cannot forget this date hor.
Zack Cheng's birthday on the 15th,mine's 16th,then Jia Yun's 17th,we're in the primary school same class some more lor. But I'm not sure if they wanna celebrate together this year or not. Many many more birthdays this month,like Audrina and Navin from my current class,and there's still Daniel's 21st birthday. Wow!

5 happenings in the month,shiok boh? Not enough? Never mind,still have lah. Ya la,my birthday you think I won't celebrate meh? I will of course! 6th item would be:
21st May 2010
You are invited! I have yet to book lah. Pray pray,please have a place for me for me at Aloha Chalet. Original plan was to go Sentosa Hard Rock Hotel,mummy has already said yes! But chalet would be cheaper,got food some more and many rooms for people to stay overnight. No need to pay $3 for that stupid entrance fee,you guys can do better stuffs with that $3 -hint hint-
Those who are going to NS,please come. Treat it as last gathering before you guys go in. After all,I believe after this month,everyone will be super busy le.

Yes,at the end of May,I will be going to Australia. I'm oh-so-happy!
Kangaroo-ys,I'm coming to slap you in the face

There's even a facebook group for it:

There,isn't this an exciting month? I believe it will pass by quickly,niahahhahahah!

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