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Friday, May 07, 2010

FLY from London,imported shoes.

I'm really sorry for the lack of updates.
As you saw my schedule in the earlier post,I'm very busy this month. I just had my English and social studies test earlier on today. And I will be heading out later. If you ask me I have confidence or not,I believe I have. But confidence isn't enough,I gotta work hard too.

I was asked to describe the supermarket in my neighbourhood and guess what I wrote? Description of the aisles of food,yummy yummy food! Is that correct? If it's wrong,I'm really doomed because that is all that I have wrote.

Oh yes,this is the pair of shoes which I bought before I went KL.
I totally love this pair of shoes,it's imported from London. The brand's name is called FLY. Not heard of in Singapore,but pretty well-known over there. Not sure,you can try googling it. It comes in dark red and black,but I got this dark brown instead. More vintage feel in it.

I can't wait to wear it,if my trip to overseas is confirmed.
You can laugh at me,that I'm happy so happy over this pair of shoes. My very first pair of the year. Or is the the first shopping item that I bought? Hmmm. I do love them,I was shocked to hear the clomp clomp clomp sounds that I made when wearing them,sounded more like I'm wearing boots! But they are pretty light,so hearing those sounds caught me by surprise.

Tell me that it's pretty,that makes me a happy little girl! :D

-taken in KL over dinner

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